Cardboard Packaging and Cardboard POS

We have a team of designers and project managers who specailise in the design and manufacture of cardboard printed Point of Sale displays, cardboard exhibition stands, retail window displays, cardboard art. bespoke packaging and corrugated packaging boxes. Based out of our Lincolnshire office they can easily serve our customers throughout the UK, as well as those from farther afield with all the packaging boxes and point-of-sale displays they require.

Production Process

Our CAD design and printing department welcomes your enquiries for any type of corrugated cardboard products, with a wide choice of print finishes, or in plain board with varying colours and strengths. We can work with you to solve that tricky design problem to produce stunning results that will suit both you and your business needs. 


Our talented designers will select the best cardboard display design from your brief so that you not only make a striking visual impression, but costs will be minimised and the distribution process will be carefully considered. Once the cardboard display design has been finalised, we can manufacture any quantity for you. If you need 1, 50, 500 or 5000 units, we have the facilities to manufacture cardboard point of sale for you to a high standard and on time.


We manufacture all shapes and sizes of corrugated cardboard packaging boxes and cartons, both plain and printed, also large format items such as strong boxes, pallet bins, pallet boxes and transport packaging, through to smaller products such as, for example, hat boxes, fruit boxes and trays, cardboard packaging boxes, wraps and folders.

You can make a far greater impact with your products if they are presented in eye-catching printed point of sale displays or point of sale packaging.

                          POS Cardboard Stand     Cardboard Drop Box Printed          

This is just a small selection of the cardboard displays and point of sale packaging that we offer. Remember, if you can dream it - we can make it!

Cardboard Standees

We manufacture cardboard standees (also known as cardboard cut-outs) of all shapes and sizes for a variety of customers. Most commonly we would use corrugated cardboard but we can use other materials such as Foamex, Correx, honeycomb cardboard or anything that you choose. So if, for instance, you need a cardboard person or cardboard lifesize character, you can be sure that we will be able to help you. 

Cardboard Boxes

We manufacture a wide range of custom corrugated cardboard boxes including white boxes, brown boxes, printed corrugated boxes, presentation boxes, gift boxes, jumbo boxes and fancy boxes. If you need protective fitments, impact-resistant boxes or very strong boxes then we can help.

                         Custom Made Cardboard Boxes               Cardboard Engineered Boxes Carton  

If it can be made out of corrugated board then we can do it!

What can we do for you?

If you need to raise the 'green' profile of your company then we can help you choose a packaging style that will fit in with your policy. We can offer semi-recycled and fully recyclable materials together with the use of environmentally friendly inks.

If you have been using plastic or polystyrene inserts to hold your products in place, we are very experienced at producing bespoke inserts from corrugated card that can hold your box contents safely and firmly in place.



Whether you need a simple identification mark on your packaging or you need to make a splash with a full colour display, we have the printing capabilities for your job.

Below you will find a brief introduction to our cardboard printing processes:

Digital Printing

Our digital printing is on a large scale version of the ink jet printer that you may use in your office. We print directly onto the corrugated board in full colour. This system is great for relatively short runs because there are no plates, screens or stereos required. If you need, say, 10 display stands in full colour, this is the only cost-effective process.

Another feature is that if you are ordering a long print run by some other process, we have the ability to print a single sample for you so that you can see a close representation of the finished article before the job proceeds.

Simply provide us with a .JPG, EPS or .PDF file and we can print directly to the board. Few corrugated suppliers in the country can offer this service because most of the digital printers in the marketplace can print to paper only which is then stuck to the cardboard. This method is not only less attractive but costs more.

We can print on any material up to 2.5m wide and in any length. The maximum thickness is 60mm as long as the substrate is fairly flat. We can print direct to cardboard, foamex, wood, stone, glass, fabric, plastic, etc.

Screen Printing

Screen printing offers high quality and flexibility particularly for P.O.S. work. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 spot colours or CMYK full colour for photo representation.

This process has higher setup costs than digital but for medium length runs it is the best option in terms of quality and price.

Once the first job has been done, a repeat run is simple, quick and cheaper to set up.

For extra impact, improved durability and a more luxurious feel we can add a varnish too.

Litho Laminating

This is where we litho print your image in high resolution directly to paper and then mount that paper to corrugated board to give it strength. This process is particularly suited where very high quality printing is required but tends to be most cost-effective for medium to longer runs.

Board Grades

There is a massive variety of corrugated board from which to choose nowadays and here we hope to help explain the most important points to you.

The main considerations are liner grades, liner colours and coatings, material origin and flute grade. Below you will find a brief explanation of each of these:

Liner Grades

Corrugated board is made from an inner liner (usually inside of the box), an outer liner (outside of the box) and the fluting which is the corrugated central component.

Each of the components is available with different thicknesses of paper. The thinner the paper the weaker the board but also the cheaper it will be.

The liners are also available from a variety of paper stock. The standard colour is brown and this can be made from virgin pulp, recycled paper or perhaps a mixture. There are also white and coated liners available.

Liner Weights

The liner paper thickness is graded by g per square metre. The thinnest we use is 125 (light), next is 150 (medium) and the strongest standard one is 200 (heavy). We can offer a 300 (very heavy) for some applications but it may be more cost effective to change the flute grade rather than use 300.



There is a variety of flute types available for different applications. Sometimes the print quality and overall appearance is paramount; sometimes stacking strength or puncture resistence is important. Either our designers will choose the most suitable grade or we will offer you two or three grades and show you the price difference so that you can decide.

E Flute

1.5mm thick. Ideal for small die-cut and slotted boxes. Thin edge presentation, good for prestige work.

B Flute

2.5mm thick. Most common single wall grade. Very versatile and strong for small to medium size boxes.

C Flute

4.5mm thick. Similar to B flute but increased stacking strength and cushioning.

EB Flute

4.5mm thick. Offers the strength of double wall but keeps storage volume to a minimum.

BC Flute

7.5mm thick. Strong double wall with great impact and stacking strength. Not suitable for small boxes.