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Through our parent company Quad Design & Display we haebeen producing exhibition stands that our clients love to reuse. Whether that's simple back walls or complex structures up to 4m high. Anything above 4m's tall gets into the area of requiring structural engineers to sign designs off and budgets that soar above £50,000 for one event. That is why we like to keep things simple and to keep to what we know best.

We’ve been in the exhibition industry for over 20 years and in that time we’ve amassed the experience and expertise that makes our clients keep coming back to us, as they feel assured we care as much about their project as they do.  

Our ethos has always been to find the round peg for the round hole, rather than having just one solution we offer our clients a range of options to suit their individual requirements. If we feel the best option is for you to hire a modular stand, as you are planning to go to multiple events over a short period of time, we will offer you that option. If you want to make a statement once or twice a year then a custom built stand with reusable components may be your best solution. Quite often we find that a mixture of the two works best. Modular walls that can be easily reconfigured for different events, along with some eye-catching, custom built elements, to give a stand the "wow" factor.

We have one of the largest stocks of modular framework in the country, so can save you costs by hiring you the framework. The framework can be covered in rigid Foamex panels, or the increasingly popular stretched fabric that can create seamless walls, columns and lightboxes.


Please see below a mixture of Custom and Modular stands - see if can tell which is which?



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You can either send us a sketch of your ideas and we will transform it into a presentation style CAD visual and quote within 48 hours or drop us an email and w will send you our Exhibition Brief Form, so you can write down your requirements and any Do's and Don'ts.

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