Snake Fabric Stand

Our range of fabric display stands include the Snake, Slant and Curl. These tension fabric stands are perfect for events and product launches, where you are looking for an alternative to standard rigid panels or roller banners. We think they have a bit of a WOW! factor as they are not only simple to put up but they also look stunning, as there are no seams or joins in the display.

They can be assembled in just a couple of minutes with the fabric sliding over the lightweight aluminium tubing and then zipped up to make the fabric taught. 

Graphics are printed onto a high-stretch fabric using a dye sublimation print process that allows for the most vibrant colour reproduction possible. The dye sublimation printed graphics can be folded up and stored in the same soft carry bag as the frame making them incredibly easy to transport.  

When it's time to update your banner, simply purchase a new fabric cover and attach it to your existing framework. This means that this fabric based display is an environmentally-friendly alternative when compared to more "disposable" throw-away' roller banner stands.

  • Free-standing design
  • Dye sublimation printed graphic included
  • Lightweight and easy to transport in supplied bag
  • Optional lights available
  • Dimensions (hxwxd): 2280mm x 945mm x 680mm
  • Weight : 4 kg

Price: £219.00 (excluding VAT)

Product Attributes

Accessories & Extras

Product image for Formulate Vesa Bracket

Formulate Vesa Bracket

The Formulate Vesa Bracket enhances your existing Formulate display stand enabling small monitor screens to be mounted, without cutting or altering the existing fabric graphic. The Formulate universal clamp simply attaches over the stretch fabric graphic. 

The Universal Clamp is supplied as standard with the Formulate Vesa Bracket.

Note: Overloading may cause instability. Always check that the stand is stable before adding additional accessories.