Quantum Pop-up Stands

We pride ourselves on manufacturing what is widely considered the best range of pop-up stands on the market today. These are top end, high quality display systems that are designed to grow and built to last. The comprehesive range includes straight and curved pop-ups, portable architecture stands and conference kits.

These pop-up display systems can be used simply as standard backdrops for presentations, seminars and conferences. The lightweight aluminium frame pops up in seconds to form the structure on which seamless graphic displays are mounted. This highly portable system is designed as a range of independent display modules that can be used individually or linked together.


Supplied with a transportation solution that fits all the graphic panels and the pop-up frame hardware into a tailor made carrying case with wheels. Our pop-ups are available in different sizes in either the Classic, Mini, Magnetic, Textile or the P300 system which is slightly deeper and therefore more weight bearing and allowing insertion of showcases to display leaflets or products.


Our pop-ups have been design to be linked together to achieve a variety of stand shapes and configurations, to create a more impressive exhibition solution. We call this PORTABLE ARCHITECTURE.

Portable Architecture is one of the most technologically advanced and user friendly portable display solutions in the world. This is possible because of the 4-way connector that allows the frames to be joined together using straight or curved mag bars or hinges. This works both horizontally or vertically allowing stands to be configured to any width and / or height. Stands can be further enhanced with the use of Banner Bridges, Towers, Showcases and Lightboxes.

Another major advantage of Portable Architecture is how simply and quickly it can be set up. With a flick of the wrist the frame can be expanded and contracted in a matter of seconds. Using the magnetic bars, the roll-out graphics adheer to the frame magnetically to form a seamless look and when its time for your stand to be packed away, all parts fit into wheeled cases.

A major cost saving advantage of our Portable Architecture system is that once you've invested in the frame, graphics can be interchanged to create a totally new look for different shows. Individual panels can be updated when new products are launched or prices are changed.

Our Portable Architecture system also comes with a free configuration service, enabling you to change the shape of your stand as many times as you like. At one show you can have a tall tower and at another an archway. You can even create a smaller version of your stand for a smaller show or at your office foyer. Compared to the cost of having to build a new stand for every show, this versatility is equivalent to saving thousands of pounds.

Our Portable Architecture system comes with a multitude of optional extras, such as spotlights and shleving, showcase and banner bridges, TFT screen holders, to name a few. Such items will help enhance your stand to create a more permanent look.

Any one of these stands picture will fit in the normal wheeled cases and can be transported in an estate car. Anyone can follow the instructions and build the stand without any special technical assistance. It is easy, quick to set up and does not require any tools.


Our conference kit is a user friendly and flexible presentation and conference tool combining the pop-up frames with projection screen and graphic area.

The conference kit is stable, easy and quick to set up, compact for transportation and has the option of large areas for graphic placement.

The kit promotes improved display technology and provides the customer with an impressive presence at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, training sessions and seminars for changing communications.

Our Conference kits are available in three standard kits sizes or can be customised for larger venues.


From a simple start you can customise your stand by adding a range of versatile accessories. A range of lighting solutions are available for all supplied display stands.

Straight frame showcases can be incorporated to accommodate products, literature, monitors and lightboxes. We offer LED lighting and TFT screens, as well as a range of aluminium folding literature holders, and a variety of transportation cases that make transport and storage both safe and easy.


Our Modular flooring, essential for creating a safe, level and attractive exhibition flooring surface.

Available in 40mm and 100mm (height). Essential for distribution of electrical points and cabling wherever required on the stand.

Ensures an ideal surface for your exhibition or conferencing displays.

Optional wheelchair access/ramp.

Exhibition Flooring Examples


We offer a full 3D-design graphic production service, using the latest AutoCAD and 3d visualization techniques. If you are unsure of your stand design, we can help you to visualise the alternatives of your stand layout and assist you in the design and manufacture of your graphic panels, art working and pre-production issues.

View a prospective exhibition stand layout through computer simulation design in virtual format, prior to construction and view the structure, graphics and layout of your stand from any angle, supported by the benefits of 3D CAD drawings.


Your AutoCAD drawings form the basis of our 3d design, so any changes that may be required can be made in a virtual world until you are completely satisfied with you design.

This is just another part of The Display Shops' commitment to offer our clients a complete exhibition solution.