T3 Systems – The World’s Most Versatile Modular Display System

Designed & Manufactured in the UK



Manufactured in the UK for over 10 years, T3 is the world’s most innovative, easy to build, compact and flexible modular display system. With no tools required or levers to push, no other system can compete on speed of build or versatility.

The T3 range has been designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of display environments; exhibition stands, point of sale, conference sets, mobile bars, counters, light boxes, photobooths and hanging banners. The possibilities are endless.

T3 is able to carry all types of media, including rigid, roll-able panels, tension fabrics and textiles. 60” monitor screens, projector screens, shelving and display cabinets can all be easily incorporated.


Technical.  How T3 Works.

The key components consist of an aluminium bean and a connector which join together with a brilliantly simple, patented “twist & lock” action. All components are fire rated and require no tools or levers.

T3 Airframe – Rigid or roll-able graphic substrates such as foamboard, ACM and acrylic can all be applied using 25mm magnetic tape. Structures can be built up to 6m high.

T3 Fabframe – Tensioned fabric graphics or textiles are applied using a special T3 comb. These can be backlit to create light-walls which again can be built to 6m high.

All T3 systems are completely interchangeable, re-configurable and can be used time and time again.


Benefits.  Why Use T3

Any standard beam can usually be supplied within 48 hours

No need for skilled labour, structures can be built in minutes not hours.

No need for skilled labour, structures can be built in minutes not hours.

T3 packs down smaller than most systems, certain stands can be transported in the back of a car.

A single stand can be re-configured and re-used to suit your exhibition programme.


Versatile.  T3 Airframe

T3 Airframe is a unique modular display system, designed to provide easy display solutions in a variety of settings. Whether you require a small starter display or a large-scale project, T3 Airframe forms the building blocks for a solution that can grow with your needs.

Seamless. T3 Airframe enables any rigid or roll-able substrate to be fixed to the system, such as Foam boards, Corex, Acrylics, PVC. Aluminium Composites and many more.

Quick and easy, T3 Airframe will save you money; self-build friendly there is no need for skilled labour or specialist transport.


Tension.  T3 Fabframe

Elegantly simple, T3 Fabrame has been designed to carry printed fabrics or textile graphics and works around the same patented connector. Strong and completely re-configurable, the system enables interchangeable panels to be fitted quickly and easily with no tools required, offering unrivalled flexibility and speed of build.

Rear illumination is also easily achieved with T3 Fabframe, so large light-boxes and backdrops can be simply and cost effectively built and re-used.

T3 Fabframe takes full advantage of the developments made in fabric printing technology. The many benefits for using large format fabric graphics including; excellent print quality, ease of transport, durable and of course lightweight and washable.


Convert.  T3 Shell-Kit

T3 Shell-Kit has been designed with budget in mind. By using a specially designed clamp, shell scheme spaces can be converted and clad to create seamless yet professional display environments.

By utilising the T3 clamp, T3 can be fixed directly to any shell scheme throughout the world without the need for tools, saving you time and money.

This framework is then clad with a roll-able, rigid or fabric graphic. Incredibly compact, T3 Shell-Kit sits just 60mm away from the shell scheme wall, maximising your floor space.

Uniquely designed, T3 Shell-Kit can be broken down into manageable lengths for ease of transport, with the average 3x3 shell scheme stand fitting in a bag over your shoulder.


What Next.  Send Us A Scribble !

We will transform your sketch into a presentation style CAD visual and quote with 48 hours.

Then after you decide to go ahead we will provide you or your design team with  graphic panel plans and build drawings for self-assembly or pre-build your stand at our production facility in Lincolnshire, or if you have the room at your offices.

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